Ingenious Studio Apartment Ideas That Feel Like A Palace

Hang "Floating" Art

Interior designer hung a floor-to-ceiling curtain and suspended a "floating" picture to isolate his sleep zone from the rest of the studio flat.

Think Big

If you adore vintage shopping and can't imagine concealing your treasures, don't! This late 19th-century Manhattan walk-up apartment's 240 square feet shows how to fill a little space.

Skip the Sectional

Think of creative methods to increase chairs without taking up space. This colorful and organic room is perfect for hosts who don't know where to place visitors. 

Elevate Your Bed

With this room's swinging daybed, your fantasies may soar. It saves floor space and adds fun.

Create a Backdrop

Make your studio magnificent with high-impact wall and floor fabrics. This mural seems spacious. Pared-down furniture keeps the emphasis.

Add a Barn Door

Designer used a sliding barn door to divide a sleeping alcove from the living area. It provides seclusion and defines activity areas.

Install a Glass Partition

If just one side of the room is windowed and privacy isn't a concern, a glass-paneled screen offers visual separation while letting light in.

Use a Room Divider

Use a folding screen to give the sense of seclusion and separateness in an open loft or studio apartment without installing permanent boundaries.

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